GNU scientific library on Windows

Hello everyone,

I am trying, to no avail, to compile the GNU scientific library GSL with PGI on Windows. Has anyone had success with with this task, or is aware of a precompiled Win64 version? If yes, I would appreciate some tips.


Porting GNU libraries to windows usually means creating a Unix/Bash like
environment under windows, and running compilers that can handle the
bash-like instructions from the ‘configure/make’ build of the package.

We would rather build GSL in a windows environment, possibly using
a Microsoft Visual C or C++ project. If fortran is needed, PVF would be used.

There does not seem to be any interest or support for providing
a Windows build package for GSL. We assume it is because it is


A pre-built development package for GSL is available for Cygwin (32 and 64 bit) under Windows. Whether that can be used with PGC/PGF is another question.

A Fortran interface to GSL is available from .