PGI on Windows without Visual Studio integration

Hi everyone.

My current cross-platform development setup is a Linux desktop with PGI Fortran and a Windows 7 laptop with Visual Studio with Intel Fortran integration. I don’t use Visual Studio much, so the integration bit is not a necessity for me. However, I’ve heard that Visual Studio does not support integration with more than one Fortran compiler at a time:

Is it possible to install the PGI compilers without Visual Studio integration? I would like to be able to build my programs on one computer with two compilers, but I am dependent on the Intel+VS setup working, since this is our official release platform on Windows. Again, I emphasize that I can live very well with the command line compilers only. Licensing issues prevent me from installing Intel on Linux (nodelocked Intel license, network PGI license).


Hi Paul,

Download the “Workstation” product for Windows. This is our command line compiler package. It also includes Cygwin so you can use “make” as well as other Linux like utilities. Note that the compiled binaries are for Windows, not Cygwin, we just ship Cygwin for the tools. Of course, you can use as DOS cmd window if you prefer.


Hope this helps,

Thanks Mat!

This does help - although I tend to prefer git bash as my command line of choice. I’ll see if I can get things working in this environment.