PVF Replacement

With PVF being turned off this year I am confused on what the expected development workflow is now expected to be?

Is there a way to integrate the compiler into Visual studio 2019 like the Intel product or are Microsoft users expected to use a text editor (Notepad++ etc) and a batch script to do development work?

I have tried to read the documentation but its not clear what the plan is

Hi DMiddleton,

The PGI command-line compilers for Windows will continue to be supported in the future, and can be used with any editor or IDE of your choice including Visual Studio. The compilers in our command-line package are the same as the underlying compilers in PVF, and in fact still require the Visual Studio toolchain as a pre-requisite.

It’s possible to do some ‘manual’ integration or calling of the PGI compilers from within VS, while still utilizing VS’s IDE/project management features; however we do not offer any advice or support on this. Microsoft and others offer online resources that describe how to add and use external tools within Visual Studio.