OpenMPI comiling problem

I am trying to compile OpenMPI 1.2.3 with PGI 7.0-4 but the configure script complains that C++ compiler is not able to produce working executables.

The detailed output of configure is avaiable under:

Any ideas how to fix the problem?

Hi Stefan,

Unfortunately, your link does work so I can’t see the log file. However, you should be able to look through the log file and determine what the actual problem is. Check that the compilers are install and working properly. Can you compile a ‘Hello World’ program?

  • Mat

We were having trouble with our OpenMPI 1.2.3 build as well. We isolated it to a problem with pgCC (7.0-5) using -O2 and -g. When we build without the -g option, we’re OK.

I submitted a bug report with a simple-minded reproducer, but I can’t find it in the system.

We’ve had a few reports of this. We will get it fixed in 7.1. Usually the error looks something like:

Error: can’t resolve .text' {.text section} - .LB68’ {UND section}

As you’ve noted, a work-around is to compile without -g. You might also try -gopt, but not 100% sure that will always workaround the problem.