Openvino on Jetson Nano


Don’t ask me why, but I would like to use my Movidius sticks on Jetson Nano.

I try but it doesn’t work

I would like to know few stuffs :

How install Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and not Ubunto 18.04? Is there a way to download a image with 16.04 specific for JetSon Nano?

I find this link but lot of errors.

Anyone has the same purpose and found a solution?

Best regards,

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Hi bethlis,

We only support Ubuntu 18.04 on Nano, may other developer share experience if they did it successfully.

Followed this guide. Seems to work now…

I find this link but lot of errors.

Works for me, I had to update my Jetson TK1 to Ubuntu 16.04 and then install NCSDK as I have a Movidius neural compute stick v1.

To install ncsdk on Jetson Nano 2gb this is how I have it:

I used this repo, I did not test with the standard ncsdk repo or any others, nor have I checked the modifications this repo did:

git clone
cd ncsdk-aarch64

edit ncsdk.conf to say no to tensorflow and toolkit:
CAFFE_USE_CUDA=no (maybe I will try this as yes now on J.nano lol)

sudo make install
source ~/.bashrc
sudo make api

It will talk about uninstalling OpenCV to reinstall etc and maybe some fails

Once that’s done:
sudo make examples

Plug the NCS into the Jetson Nano and:
cd ncsdk-aarch64/examples/apps/
run test:

Should get:
“Hello NCS! Device opened normally” etc

It is a good idea to clone your SD card beforehand, because perhaps your openCV install will change to not being Cuda configured. Perhaps someone can figure out ho to have both Intel Neural Compute Stick & Nvidia Jetson Cuda do dance together in harmony like Arnold & Jamie-Lee Curtis in True Lies :)

Movidius Neural Compute stick v1 on Jetson Nano 2GB


looks fast, wish i could try it with ncs2

Movidius Neural Compute stick v1 on Jetson Nano 2GB


live video mobilenets ssd: