Optimum way to design custom parallel deepstream flow

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• Hardware Platform (Jetson / GPU)
Nvidia GPU
• DeepStream Version
• JetPack Version (valid for Jetson only)
Jetson NX
• TensorRT Version
what ever in DS6.3
• NVIDIA GPU Driver Version (valid for GPU only)
Driver Version: 535.171.04 CUDA Version: 12.2
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Just wondering what is the best/optimum way of doing this C++ deepstream application. I have got the first and second dataflow working without any issue, I am wondering if the third dataflow consists of sgie to a message broker is an optimum solution. The sgie I am using probe to skip, filter on particular stream, filter on objects before sending a custom message to my python app. I am communicating to my python app using zmq via the msgbroker (Pub/Sub). The dsvideowriter is a custom module based on dsexample. The whole application works with the first two dataflows talking to my python app. I just need to add this custom sgie and I can’t think of a optimum way of doing this.


decided to create a custom nvinfer to simplify pipeline

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