My code is working on 6.1.1-devel, But 6.2-devel , 6.3-samples the pipeline is not working

Please provide complete information as applicable to your setup.

**• Hardware Platform ( GPU )
**• DeepStream Version -----------> 6.3
**• TensorRT Version ---------------> 8.5
**• NVIDIA GPU Driver Version ---------> 535


So when my code works on one version of deepstream(6.1.1-devel) like intended, I am sure there is no problem with my code.

The version upgrade has a problem where something is breaking internally, which I am unable to figure out.

So it will be great if you can help me debug.

The problem with the deepstream-6.3 version is it doesn’t infer parallel, when there are multiple streammux.

Could you attach your whole pipeline and your use case?

Do you want to see the pipeline graph ? or code ? @yuweiw

You can give us a simplified and runnable version of the code and the graph.

Could you suggest any way to share my code and graph with proper privacy. As this is a public forum I can’t able to share my code here … @yuweiw

You can just click on my icon and message to me.

Okey, I will share with you today !
Thanks for your response , @yuweiw

I’m closing this topic due to there is no update from you for a period, assuming this issue was resolved.
If still need the support, please open a new topic. Thanks

You can try to set the sync parameter to 0 and test that.

        filesink.set_property('async', 0)
        filesink.set_property('sync', 0)

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