OptiX Orthographic Camera

I would like to know where can I get a sample using the Orthographic Camera based on OptiX?

Implementing an orthographic projection inside the raygeneration program is very simple.
All you need is a camera (eye) position, two vectors U, V which span the first quadrant of your virtual camera sensor (film) and a normalized vector W perpendicular to that plane which defines your primary ray directions.
Then simply calculate the ray origin by interpolating your output size (normally launch size) over that sensor plane in the 3D world coordinates and use the same normalized direction vector for all primary rays.

The older OptiX SDK 3.9.1 had an example using that. Here’s that code:

RT_PROGRAM void orthographic_camera()
  size_t2 screen = output_buffer.size();

  float2 d = make_float2(launch_index) / make_float2(screen) * 2.0f - 1.0f; // film coords
  float3 ray_origin    = eye + d.x * U + d.y * V; // eye + offset in film space
  float3 ray_direction = W; // always parallel view direction
  optix::Ray ray = optix::make_Ray(ray_origin, ray_direction, 0, 0.0f, RT_DEFAULT_MAX); // radiance ray

  PerRayData_radiance prd;
  prd.importance = 1.f;
  prd.depth = 0;

  rtTrace(top_object, ray, prd);


Many thanks, this helps me a lot.