Orin AGX DevKit - Running GPU accellerated containers

The orin agx has a fresh flash of 5.1.2. I have pulled the Cuda 11.4 container from the docker hub, but when I go to run it there are a series of errors and frustration. The image is built fine, but when I go to run the container with the gpu all statement, there is an error.
What am I doing incorrectly to test a GPU accelerated container on my Orin AGX? Is there another place to get a prebuilt container to workwith?

Hi @aaron105, which container are you trying to run? Is it perhaps an x86 container, not one built for ARM64 architecture and JetPack?

You can find containers built for Jetson and JetPack-L4T here:

Thank you for the response! I caught a recent youtube video from Jim @jetsonhacks and became acquainted with your git. It is very informative and has solved many of my issues, and I can finally move forward. Totally awesome!

OK, great @aaron105! Glad to hear that you got it working and find it useful. Enjoy the JetsonHacks videos 😃

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