Orin DevKit installing AX210NGW WiFi Card, Wi-Fi 6E 11AX Wireless Module

Hello Nvidia and Fellow developer,
I am trying to upgrade my WiFi and BT module with AX210NGW WiFi Card, Wi-Fi 6E 11AX Wireless Module, BT5.2 (intel ax210ngw)
Replacing the card is not detected by DevKit Ubuntu, I am not sure if its possible or how to do that.
I need WiFi6E and BT5.2 for my projects where some devices uses this specifications for Range and Thruput.

Thanks for the help

Suppose there is driver needed, have you confirmed the AX210NGW can work on Ubuntu20.04/Kernel 5.10 on ARM device?

Is there any Wifi 6E module with BT5.2 with ARM Ubuntu drivers ?
The present card is RealTek RTL 8822CE.

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