AX210 sometimes connect failed

Hi all,

I’m testing AX210 on Orin NX.
L4T version is 35.3.1.
According to this link post, the AX210 BT doesn’t work is a know issue with kernel 5.10.

The WiFi is worked on Orin NX and L4T 35.3.1.
I can use it to connect internet.
But it connect failed many times when I try to connect WiFi router.
If it connect pass, the internet is worked fine.
I can’t find any error log in the dmesg when it connect failed.

I found many post about AX210 in the forum.
Does anyone can help us or share experience? Thanks a lot.

Pls have a try with the driver/firmware provied here.

It should be ok to work on Jetson.

Hi kayccc,

I update the firmeware but still connect failed.