Please add these kernel patchs for fixing ax210 bluetooth


please add these patch to make ax210 bluetooth can work on jetson normaly
why it dosen’t work
because 5.10 (upstream) have issue with newer Bluetooth Firmware and that cause abnormal system load
more info see in

fix patchs is here l4t-community / Kernel / t194 / kernel-5.10 · GitLab
please pull that patch into nvidia l4t kernel if passible
wifi patch is not fixed yet

Which patch?

This one only? or something more?

All Patch’s after Apr 06, 2023

Will kernel5.15 support these patches?


請參見 [TRACKING] Does anyone have wifi 6e working in linux with the AX210? - Linux - Framework Community

Hi leonpano
Is the patch support 35.4.1?

Azkali didn’t make it latest
But if you know how to build kernel just replace what azkali edited

that isn’t a real solution
it is just a temp solution

is possible this fix available/included form next jetpack release?