Jetson Xavier NX + Intel AX210NGW WIFI 6E 6Ghz

my setup:

  • Jetson Xavier NX, Jetpack 5.1.1, ubuntu 20.04, linux kernel 5.10
  • Intel AX210NGW WIFI 6E 6Ghz
  • Router netgear RAXE300 tri-band

software modifications:

  • upgraded wpa-supplicant from 2.9 to 2.10, to enable 6ghz band
  • upgraded linux wifi band registry to latest available (2023-05-03), to enable 6ghz band
  • disabled Network Manager, to avoid conflict with wpa_supplicant

software limitations:
I’m unable to upgrade the linux version or firmware due to the jetpack version being already the latest.
I’m aware wifi 6ghz is plug and play with ubuntu 22, but I’m unable to install it.

Tutorials followed to do so:

I was able to connect to wifi 6ghz from my laptop running the same Ubuntu 20.04 and the same wifi card.
I then tried to do the same with the Jetson, I was able to follow all the tutorials with the expected results until at the end where I’m unable to see the 6ghz network from the Jetson.
I’m able to connect to 5ghz and 2.4ghz networks from the jetson with the same wifi card, just don’t see 6ghz.

Thanks for your sharing to the community!

Do you or anyone else from the support team have some suggestions to try to get this to work?

No experience with this wifi card. But it seems other users have customized kernel.

這是一個很常見的網卡 包含桌機筆電還有很多其他設備有這一張
當然這個開發版是不可能支援AX201 AX211因為這兩張是Cnvi 僅支援在比較新的Intel平台上 (AMD也不支援)
AX200 AX210支援在所有平台上
這個Wi-Fi + 藍牙無法使用的問題 不是ARM平台的問題 是5.10的問題(x86上面的問題也是一樣)
我希望這個小鎮,可以被加入到Nvidia 官方的l4t kernel裡 這樣的話就不需要自己在編譯了

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