ORIN DP MST goes fail when two of same resolution&frame rate out

hi NVIDIA team

We have a issue with DP MST mode, same like topic below

It happened when using the same resolution and same frame rate,display goes fail
example: two monitor out ,1080P@60Hz and 1080P@60Hzā€“>both monitor fail
set different frame rate, 1080P@60Hz and 1080P@59.94Hz that is OK
1080P@60 and 1080P@50Hz that is OK ,too

ORIN dmesg:
" NVRM nvAssertFailedNoLog: Assertion failed: minRequiredIsoBandwidthKBPS <= clientBwValues[DISPLAY_ICC_BW_CLIENT_EXT].minRequiredIsoBandwidthKBPS @ kern_disp_0402.c:111"

We use DP MST to two HDMI output


It looks like a known issue and we are still tracking this internally.

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