ORIN DP MST goes fail when two of same resolution&frame rate out

hi NVIDIA team

We have a issue with DP MST mode, same like topic below

It happened when using the same resolution and same frame rate,display goes fail
example: two monitor out ,1080P@60Hz and 1080P@60Hzā€“>both monitor fail
set different frame rate, 1080P@60Hz and 1080P@59.94Hz that is OK
1080P@60 and 1080P@50Hz that is OK ,too

ORIN dmesg:
" NVRM nvAssertFailedNoLog: Assertion failed: minRequiredIsoBandwidthKBPS <= clientBwValues[DISPLAY_ICC_BW_CLIENT_EXT].minRequiredIsoBandwidthKBPS @ kern_disp_0402.c:111"

We use DP MST to two HDMI output


It looks like a known issue and we are still tracking this internally.

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Iā€™m seeing exactly the same assertion with an HDMI display connected to an Orin Nano on an AverMedia DL131L carrier board running JetPack 5.1.2. It does not appear to affect the display but it would be nice to get rid of it.

Hi Larson,

Are you using a hub that supports DP MST to dual-HDMI?
May I know the model number of the hub? Thanks a lot!