Orin NX custom carrier board USB issues

I have been working for some time to get USB functioning (had previous posts about HW issues), but am now running into what I believe is device tree issues. I am on a custom carrier board and am trying to use a USB-C connector. For now, running the jetson in “host” mode is acceptable, with “OTG” mode a later effort. I am able to access USB devices using our USB-C port, but it appears that everything is only running in USB 2.0 mode. On boot, I get dmesg printing out “tegra-xudc 3550000.xudc: failed to get usbphy-0: -517”. I have attempted to follow the advice here: Serial Bus Porting

I am running Jetpack 5.1.2 with Linux 35.4.1. Once the board boots, I am dropping the compiled .dtb file in /boot/dtb to test configurations. Below is my .dtsi file, dmesg.log, and schematics. Any assistance is much appreciated.

dmesg.txt (72.1 KB)

tegra234-p3768-0000-a0.dtsi.txt (6.2 KB)

Is there any usb type C controller added by you on your board?

If there is, then you need to ask the vendor how to add a device tree as what Orin Nano devkit did and give the remote-endpoint node to the usb device/host driver.

For example, Orin Nano devkit is using fusb301 as type C controller, and we have corresponding node in official DT, but looks like this is not there on your side.

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