USB device can't be recognized on self-made carried board

My USB device can’t be recognized on self-made carried board after entering Ubuntu OS,but I can burn image by USB 2.0 Port 0 that be designed to Micro USB.

Please help me to solve this problem,Thanks!

I can’t answer, but this might start things off: On the smaller profile (DIMM module style) dev kits, the micro-OTG port is only wired for device mode. The actual lane routing is supported by a device tree whereby the device tree tells controllers and drivers where to find hardware (such as a USB PHY). Thus the default dev kit software (the device tree) won’t tell the o/s about host mode wiring. Secondarily (and this might be more important for your case), the device tree also associates host mode and device mode controllers with particular lanes. So if all of the wiring is correct, then you would still need to edit the device tree for host mode. I can’t tell you the specifics, but someone here probably can. Most of this is explained in the adaptation guide. I don’t know what the document name is for the Orin NX, but likely it is one of:

  • The pin and function names guide.
  • The interface comparison and migration application note.
  • The design guide (I’d start with this, verify pin name and function, and then see if anything is mentioned in the comparison and migration note).


If i upload detailed device tree files about USB,Can you help me to edit device tree files?

No one can edit your device tree because this is your board. We don’t know the detail.
Please read document and modify by yourself.

Basically you will start with the developer kit’s device tree, and then for each lane or non-plug-n-play device which differs from that carrier board, you’ll have to explore that device tree and figure out what to change. The document mentioned by @WayneWWW should give you the background for that particular content.

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