Orin NX - More information on VIC Filters

Hello! I am looking to perform 2x downscaling with Gaussian filtering for image pyramid generation on the Orin NX VIC.

The NvBufSurfTransform(…) function in the Jetson Linux API provides filter options . Is there any more information on the specific implementation of these filters? In particular the NvBufSurfTransformInter_Algo1 filter. What kernel is used? What technique is used for image border extrapolation (e.g. duplication extension)? What is the alignment of the downsampling - is it half pixel aligned?

For the image pyramid generation use case, I am seeking a 5x5 Gaussian Filter specifically. It’s important that I understand the VIC filter’s implementation so that I can reproduce the implementation in log-reprocessing contexts pixel for pixel.

We would suggest use VPI. Please take a look at
VPI - Vision Programming Interface: Gaussian Filter

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