VPI library : request for new functions with AGX Orin

i have started to use VPI with Jetson AGX Orin. This library is really cool and performs great.

I really hope you will add new functions in VPI.

Here are my requests :

Color conversion : add the possibility to debayer bayer image from camera (4 main bayer patterns at least)

Color image channel split and merge like Python cv2.split() and cv2.merge(). For now, VPI channel mixer returns 3 color images (R, G, B). It would be better to get R, G, B mono channels (not 3 RGB channels images)

It would be very useful to get opencv equivalent functions like cv2.subtract, cv2.threshold, cv2.contrastCLAHE, cv2.addWeight and so on for VPI (only mono channel functions).

It would also be really useful to get more statistic functions like percentile for example (always mono channel functions).

I hope VPI will get further versions because it is very very good library.

It would also be really cool if we could get a VPI version for Windows !

Ok to discuss with Nvidia about those demands.



Thanks for the suggestion.
We have shared your post to our internal team.

Thanks a lot.

Hello AastaLLL,

many thanks. VPI is really interesting and i hope there will be some further improvements.

I have tested temporal noise reduction. Quite fast and interesting filter.

I made a noise removal filter which could interest NVidia. This noise reducer filter only work with videos because it needs 2 frames (N-1 and N frames). It is quite fast filter and it gives very good results (very good noise management with image sharpness totally preserved) but it needs quite static scene (otherwise, you will get ghosting effect).

If someone wants to test it, it is there :

If Nvidia thinks it could be interesting, maybe it could be developed with VPI library.


Thanks for sharing this as well.

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