Orin pwm-fan control

I cannot control pwm-fan.It spun around for a while and slow down quickly when write a value to “sys/devices/platform/pwm-fan/hwmon/hwmon3/pwm1”.Other place control the pwn-fan,where is it? How can I change the strategy?(The board is hot,but it Turn very slowly)

HI jasonGrave,

Are you using the devkit or custom board?
What value did you write to pwm1 node?

Please help to check nvfancontrol service

  1. check nvfancontrol service if exists
    $ ps aux|grep nvfancontrol
  2. provide the configuration file from your board

I use custom board.The nvfancontrol service has started.How to check whether or not the temperature sensors are ok and the strategy goes well.
nvfancontrol_p3701_0000.conf (1.3 KB)

I have write some value like 250,200,150

Could you try to disable nvfancontrol and write pwm again?
$ systemctl stop nvfancontrol
$ echo XXX > sys/devices/platform/pwm-fan/hwmon/hwmon3/pwm1

If I stop nvfancontrol,I can control fan now by writing pwm1.So if I want to use nvfancontrol,how to change the nvfancontrol.conf.How to check the temperature sensors status,and how to speed up the fan speed.

You could modify nvfancontrol.conf refer to the following link for nvfancontrol and restart this service.
Jetson Orin NX Series and Jetson AGX Orin Series — Fan Profile Control

Temperature of one of the processor blocks as reported by node /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone<x>/temp, where <x> is the name of the block.

I want to get the weighted average temperature used by nvfancontrol directly.How can I get it ?

the thermal-zone0 (cpu-thermal) is 41312
the thermal-zone1(gpu-thermal) is -256000(what does it mean?no gpu temperature sensor?)
the thermal-zone2(cv0-thermal) is -256000(what does it mean?no cv0 temperature sensor?)

Hi jasonGrave,

nvfancontrol would only check with the temperature of CPU.

Please use tegrastats utility to check temperature instead.
It would indicate temperature of CPU and GPU.
$ sudo tegrastats

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