Orin Removed RTC battery charger

Can you explain the rational of removing the RTC battery charging circuit?
And, is there a recommended circuit to overcome the issue? circuit that might be relevant for carrier for both the Orin and the Xavier

Why do you say so? It is not removed that is same as nano and other design.

According to the ‘Jetson Orin NX Series and Jetson Xavier NX Series Interface Comparison and Migration’ the orix support only:
‘PMIC_BBAT (input only) Supports non-rechargeable cells only’

but the xavier and nano:
‘PMIC_BBAT (input/output) Supports rechargeable cells, non-rechargeable cells, and super-caps.’

it mean that an extra hardware is needed, externally from the jetson.

The circuit design of BBAT pin is same. Orin NX does not support chargeable cells because of the PMIC. There is no recommended external charging design for that.

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