Out of memory


I just started testing a laptop with (GT 650M card in a macbook pro). A fairly simple code that I often use to test a new computer does not run properly and exitst with

0: ALLOCATE: 19920 bytes requested; status = 2(out of memory)

Any idea why this would happen? Surely, there would be enough global memory (the card has 1 GB). The shared and constant memory appears to be the same as on other cards I use.

Any hints would be great.
Thanks, Jan

Hi Jan,

How long does the program run? I could be that the OS is killing your GPU program. This generally occurs when running on a system where the GPU is running a display and the OS limits the amount of time a GPU program can run.

  • Mat

Hi Mat,

The crash immediately occurs when the code reaches the first ALLOCATE for device memory and crashes right there. I am guessing it’s less than microseconds. I have had code crash before when a Kernel takes a very long time but it’s usually several seconds.

The array I am trying to allocate is only 83x60 elements.


I guess I don’t know then. Can you send in the code and let me give it a try?

  • Mat

Yes, I can send the code. to trs@…?

Thanks, Jan

In emailing Jan, he determined that his CUDA driver was having problems. Rebooting seemed to fix it.

  • Mat