Overlapping Bounding Box Coordinates


I am trying to implement NMS (Non-Maxima Suppression) to solve the issue of multiple and overlapping bounding box when detecting an object. But, the NMS function that I am using require a list of bounding boxes as an input.

This is the NMS function that I am referring to,

However, the output that that I obtain from net.Detect are as shown below, which are not in the format that I can feed into the NMS function.

detect.net output

So, my questions are:

  • How can I get all of the overlapping bounding boxes in a “LIST”? So that I can feed into the NMS function and ensure it works as expected.
  • Is there any other method to apply NMS? Maybe via Jetson Inference Package or something?

Thank you.


detectNet do implement a non-maximal suppression itself.

To get the whole overlapping bbox, you can set numDetections += 1; to following line:

This indicates always add the detections to the array without suppression.


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I am sorry, but this a sample from my detection output. I am using a custom model and not running the detection model via a docker container.

In the picture below are a few lines of my codes for this application. Line 44 is where I called the net.Detect function.

You may want to decrease the clustering overlap threshold on this line of code:


Then re-run make && sudo make install

You can use list comprehension to make it:

box_list = [(det.Left, det.Top, det.Right, det.Bottom) for det in detections]

(this is assuming your NMS function also expects the bounding box in (Left, Top, Right, Bottom) coordinate order)

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Hi dusty,

Thank you so much! both of your recommendation works!

The easiest solution is by decreasing the clustering overlap threshold. I lowered the value down to 0.5 and the results are very good for me. TRUST ME, Applying another/external NMS might work at a certain level, but it is much troublesome to reach a stage just to ensure it work as expected.