Passing raw YUV420 frames to Video Codec SDK for encoding


I have raw YUV420 (NV12) frames obtained from Nvidia’s Capture SDK as uint8_t variables. The Video Codec SDK seems to only accept YUV frames that have each frame broken down to their luma and chroma channels (Y, Cb, Cr).

I see that the Video Codec SDK uses NV_ENC_BUFFER_FORMAT_NV12 by default, which is great because it is the same as what I already have. However, the EncodeFrameConfig struct that is passed into EncodeFrame() still uses the separate channels of a YUV frame processed via convertYUVpitchtoNV12. I want to skip all of these and encode a single raw YUV420 frame as a whole. How do I do this?

Thanks in advance.