PCIE error message

Hi,we use PCIE to communicate between two xavier. but it often report errors like the picture. What does the error mean? And why this can be occured?

It was a long time ago. Why didn’t anyone reply?

Sorry for the late response.

Is there any strange behavior happened while report errors?
Which JetPack version?
Happened on devkit or your custom carrier board?

Happened on custom carrier board.
we use PCIE to communicate between two xavier. It will keep reporting after powered on for a while.

And We are not sure if this is related to the large delay between the two xavier communication through PCIE and RGMII net(including 88E1512 PHY and magnetic). Because the message is keep reporting, both under nomal work and large delay condition.
xavier1(root) xavier2(end)
PCIE ------ PCIE
RGMII net ------ RGMII net


Please share your setup and jetpack release version of PCIe RP/EP.

Setup just as followed.

Have you tested with JetPack 5.1 GA release? Still have error message?

You mean this maybe caused by JP4.4.1?

I can’t confirm this as JP4.4.1 is a bit older version, not easy for team to trace back to have suggestions by now.

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