pg.dll not found


I have a complied executable (from another machine) that I am trying to run on a new machine. However I get the error message “pg.dll not found. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem”.

I get the above message if I execute through the windows command prompt, if I execute through the PGI shell it just dies without any error messages.

The program runs perfectly ok on the older machine.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank You

Hi GauravSavant/CHL33655,

What version of the compiler are you using? Did you compile with “-Bdynamic”?

In older compilers, pre 7.1, we could not link binaries statically. This meant when you compiled your code and ran it on a system without the PGI compilers installed, you needed to copy the “pg.dll” file to other system in a location it could be found by the OS when running your program, such as in the same directory as your program or in a directory set in the environment’s PATH variable.

If you have a newer version of the PGI compilers, try compiling with “-Bstatic” to link your binary without DLL dependencies.

Hope this helps,

The version on the old machine was 7.0-2

The machine I am trying to run on has ver 10.3 installed.

I’ve tried copying the pg.dll from the older machine to the new machine directory where my files are stored.

I’ll try the -Bstatic option and see how that goes.

Thank you

  1. I tried copying pg.dll from the old machine to the run directory on the new machine. I still get the pg.dll not found error.

  2. What pg.dll do I need (the one on the new PGI instal on the new machine) or the old (one from the old machine)?

I have updated the PGI on the old machine to PGI 7.1.2. But when I try to compile with -Bstatic or without it, I get an error

w32: command not found

Any suggestions