local copy of pg.dll

Why is it that my compiled code will only run if there is a local copy of pg.dll in the pwd?


Another note:
I’m attempting to run this compiled program in a SEPARATE cygwin window and not in the one initialized via the PGI shortcut (pgi.bat). Does this mean that a program compiled with PGI is not portable?

Hi Dave,

The PGI Win64 compilers produce native objects so should be able to run in all Windows environments provided that the executables can find their runtime libraries, such as pg.dll. The problem in both cases may be that you don’t have PATH environment variable set to include the locations where these libraries can be found. An example of the needed PATHes are listed in the PGI Cygwin (pgi.bat) and PGI DOS (pgi_dos.bat) batch files.

Hope this helps,