How to install PGI on cygwin system?

Hello, Guys:

I tried to install PGI 5.1 on cygwin, however, the installation script told me
that I can not do it because the software can only work under linux.

OK, is there any method to install PGI on cygwin.

Best wishes

Hi xjliu,

We do have a Win32 product which comes with a version of Cygwin with it, however the compilers wont work with the latest version of Cygwin.

  • Mat

Somehow I managed to use PGI under cygwin.

After install cygwin and PGI for windows,
change the cygwin.bat to:

@echo off

rem For PGI usage
set MAKE_MODE=unix
set PGI=D:\PGI
set TERM=cygwin
SET PATH=.;%PGI%\nt86\6.0\cygusr\H-i586-cygwin32\bin;%PGI%\nt86\6.0\bin;%PATH%
rem End for PGI usage

chdir D:\cygwin\bin

set HOME=/home/xjliu
bash --login -i