runing PGI workstation 7.1-2 (32 bit) under cygwin

Hello everyone,

I am new with PGI, I have Windows Xp 2, and cygwin installaed on my pc,
I have installed PGI 7.1-2 too,
and now i want to use PGI 7.1-2 from cygwin to compile my Program Lmtart_4review ( fortran program).
So please can anyone from here help me to do this,
you can contact me at:
Thank you very much for your assistance


When you install PGI compilers, it should create a shortcut on your desktop called “PGI Workstation” icon. Click on that it will launch a Cygwin bash shell command windows with pre-initialized environment setttings.


I know that I have a cygwin bash shell command but what i want is to use fortran from PGI to make a makefile in the lmtart_4review ( fortran program) situated in my cygwin part,.

Hi Nordine,

The icon is called “PGI Workstation” and it should reside on your desktop.
It should have a mountain covered with snow on top with blue background.

Click on that icon, it should launch cygwin bash shell, from there you can type: make (if you have makefile created), or just type pgf90 yourprogram.f, etc.

If it is not there, then you probably chose not to create shortcut for PGI Workstation on your desktop when you install PGI Workstation.

In case you don’t have that shortcut, you can go to the installed directory and start up a pgi_env.bat and then start your bash shell.

For example, assuming it is 32-bit, and install in C drive:
% cd “C:\PROGRA~1\PGI\win32\7.1-2”
% pgi_env.bat
% call “C:\cygwin\bin\sh.exe”

Now, you should be able to do makefile with PGI compilers.


Dear Hongyon,

this is the error message:

PGI$ make
/Program\ Files/PGI/win32/7.1-2/bin/pgf90 -Mextend -O2 -c -o bnd_lmtbnd.o bnd_
make: /Program Files/PGI/win32/7.1-2/bin/pgf90: Command not found
make: *** [bnd_lmtbnd.o] Error 127

Hi Nordine,

You need to set up the environment for PGI first before you start up your cygwin shell.

Please carefully follow the instructions below:

Assume C: is the systemdrive and you install PGI compilers there:

  1. Click on Window menu: Start-> Run

  2. Type: cmd and then click OK to start command prompt.

  3. Type: echo %systemdrive%
    #It should your display your system drive

  4. Type: cd “C:\PROGRA~1\PGI\win32\7.1-2”

  5. Type: pgi.bat

Then you can run pgf90 or make.