How Do I Compile (Fortran 77)?

I’ve tried reading the the User’s Guide, the Tools Guide, and PGI Fortran Reference. Although they helped greatly in advancing my progress, I’m still not getting the results I want.

I’m a novice when it comes to programming. I’m new to Fortran, and my previous experience was limited to Assembly code.

I’m using Eclipse with Photran, and I have my source file written. I’m not having issues with the syntax or the programming itself, just the compiling/building.

I downloaded PGI Workstation, and I tried to manually integrate pgf77.exe and pgdebug.exe with Eclipse.

I’ve also tried to run the Workstation in Command Prompt and run the executable file within it. When I run them, it says “Warning-No Files to Process.”. How do I get it to recognized the file?

Is there a simple step-by-step instruction page to compiling?

Thank you very much.

Hi womfalcs3,

How are you invoking the compiler? Through Eclipse or from the command line?

If you’re using the comand line, the the message simply means that you have not added the source file you wish to compile on the compile line or it does not have an extension it recognizes. Your command line would look something like the following, except you would change the names to match your actual file names.

pgf77 -fast -o my.exe myfile.f

Note that Chapter 1 of the PGI User’s Guide gives a basic walk through on how to invoke the compilers in the section titled “Invoking the command-level PGI cmpilers”.

If you’re using Eclipes, then I’m not sure having not used Eclipse myself. Somehow the compilers are being invoked but not given your source file as an argument.

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