pgc++ failing with OpenMP

I’m trying to evaluate the performance of the pgc++ compiler against gnu on an dual-socket e5-2660 system running Fedora 17. I’m getting the following warning while compiling but can’t find this documented.

Warning: --mp could conflict with --gnu pthreads support

I’ve put -I${PGI}/linux86-64/include before the rest of the include paths.

The program is failing in irregular and non-repeatable points. The serial version checks out, just the OpenMP build.

Any pointers here?


I do not have access to Fedora 17 here at PGI, but I tried a simple OpenMP C++ example with pgc++ on Fedora 20, and it worked fine for me in spite of this warning. Can you post a snippet of code which reproduces the problem for you, and the command-line options you were using to compile the program?

Thanks in advance.

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