openmp problem on OpenSuSE 9.3


I have an openmp-related problem with pgf90 v6.0, x86_64/opteron on
OpenSuSE 9.3.

Our application (Gaussian) works fine when used without openmp. With openmp it compiles, links and starts running fine, but crashes, apparently randomly.

Are there any known issues with PGI 6.0, x86_64 and openmp? I believe openmp is implemented here using pthreads.



Hi Simon,

My understanding is that the default base flagset is “-i8 -mp -Mreentrant -Mrecursive -Mnosave”, which includes OpenMP. OpenMP does use more memory, perhaps you’re getting a stack overflow or running out of memory?

Have you contacted Gaussian? They should be more help with this problem, since they have more information about system requirements.

Best regards,