PGDBG run error

Hi All,

I am trying to run pgdbg with the mpirun command as follows:

mpirun -np 1 -dbg=pgdbg fffd.x < inputfile

But I get the following error:

Cannot run debugger - no debugger script

The path to pgdbg is in $PATH and if I issue ‘pgdbg’ at the command prompt, I do get the GUI of PGDBG. Any pointers as to why this is happening? Is this an issue with licensing (I renewed my subscription recently…) or with the path?


Hi Madhu,

Which product do you have, Workstation, Server, or CDK?

The MPICH debugger script “mpirun_dbg.pgdbg” should be located in the bin directory of the PGI CDK product but is not included with the PGI Workstation or Server. You’ll also need a CDK license in order to use the MPI capabilities of PGDBG. If you do not have the CDK product but would like more information about upgrading, please contact

If you have the CDK product but are using your own MPICH, please copy the “mpirun_dbg.pgdbg” to the same bin directory of your MPICH installation.

  • Mat