pgf90 5.2 and 6.0 compatibility

I’ve made some fortran libraries compiled with pgf90 5.2
Now I’ve installed the 6.0 and I have unresolved reference (‘pghpf_sect1’)during the dynamic linking between 6.0 objects ans 5.2 libraries :
: undefined reference to pghpf_sect1' : undefined reference to pghpf_sect2’

the symbols ‘pghpf_sect1’ and ‘pghpf_sect2’ are defined in 5.2/lib/libpgf90.a but I can’t find it in the 6.0 distrib

If I specify the -L5.2/lib -lpgf90 flag, then It miss some other symbols:
: undefined reference to pgf90_template1' \ \ If I specify -L5.2/lib -lpgf90 -L6.0/lib -lpgf90 (in fact -L5.2/lib -lpgf90 6.0/lib/libpgf90.a ), then I have multiple definitions of same symbols: : multiple definition of __hpf_new_gen_block’
/home/PGI/linux86-64/6.0/lib/libpgf90.a(dist.o)(.text+0x0): first defined here
/home/PGI/linux86-64/5.2/lib/libpgf90.a(dist.o)(.text+0x6): In function `__hpf_gen_block_bounds’:

Is there an other issue than recompiling all my old libraries with 6.0 ??


Hi labrach,

No issue other than needing to recompile your libraries.

  • Mat