PGFIO/stdio: Bad file descriptor

I’m trying to run Gaussian job.

with following command :
./g09 /home/suranga/g09/AM_opt.gjf

it produce following error if I’m not the root.

PGFIO/stdio: Bad file descriptor
PGFIO-F-/formatted write/unit=6/error code returned by host stdio - 9.
File name = stdout formatted, sequential access record = 1
In source file ml0.f, at line number 154

it runs fine if I’m the root.

please help me to track the source.

thins is the only error massage it produce. no complain about ant particular path.


Hi Suranga,

it runs fine if I’m the root.

While we don’t provide support for Gaussian, this seems like a permission issue. Do you have write permissions on the file “/home/suranga/g09/AM_opt.gjf”?

  • Mat

Hi Mat,
Thanks for the response. I do have write permission to all files. and I had permission problem earlier and I read the similar problem in this forum and corrected it.

is there any other possibility other than permission issues. I have compile Gaussian using pgf77 version 11.1. I though this is related to the executable that I have generated.
Thanks anyway.

Hi Suranga,

Is this the post you’re referring to?

Given that you’re getting the same error at almost the exact same line in the source, it’s seems that it must be the same problem. Have you checked the permission of “/export/scratch”? If so, maybe the scratch directory has changed in g09?

I’m fairly positive it’s a permission issue, it’s just a matter of which file or directory is causing the problem. Are you able to look at line 154 of ml0.f and see what file it’s trying to access?

  • Mat

It was problem specific to Gaussian.
it need permission 750.
I had 755.
Thanks for your comment.