pgfortran undefined reference to

Hello all,

I wrote a code by pgfortran. When I want to compile it with pgfortran I received the following errors at link section:

ldc.o: In function ldc': (.text+0x21): undefined reference to pghpf_init’
ldc.o: In function ldc': undefined reference to pgf90io_src_info03’
undefined reference to pgf90io_print_init' undefined reference to pgf90io_sc_ch_ldw’

Would you please help me how I can compile correctly the previously-written code with the new pgfortran compiler?

Thank you very much,


Hi Behzad,

How are you linking your program? Can you please post the command line you’re using?

My guess is that you’re using another tool, such as gcc. In this case you need to include the PGI runtime libraries to you link line.

  • Mat