Hi Team,

I am maintaining a HPC cluster in an uni. A user is trying to run his legacy HPF code.

We have compiled the code without any errors. But when we ran the code, we met following errors:

mpirun -np 16 ./app

Fatal error in PMPI_Comm_rank: Invalid communicator, error stack:
PMPI_Comm_rank(110): MPI_Comm_rank(comm=0x5b, rank=0x7f54c09e6d18) failed
PMPI_Comm_rank(68).: Invalid communicator

These errors repeated several times.

PGI version:15.4
mpich version:3.1.3

compiler: pghpf
flags we used: -Mextend -O3 -Mbyteswapio -Mmpi

The mpich comes from PGI’s installation.

I found a similar post in the forum. (Our issue is similar to the fourth in the post)

But there is no solution in the post.



Seems I managed to resolve this.

I searched all .f files and didn’t find anyone call MPI routine.

Then removed the flag -Mmpi from the Makefile.

After compiling, using the command,

./a.out -pghpf -np 2

to run the compiled.

So far, it works smoothly.

Talked with the user. His code ran on Sun’s machines around 20 years ago. Things changed. Now we use x86.

Please mark this as resolved.