? PhysX 3.2.1 ? Basic Problems & PVD Connection

hello everybody

please help me whit this problem

i’am a amateur in using physx & got serveral question about it…

  1. i follow nvidia documentation to create the scene engine, but when i type this code VS2010 shows error that this is function ,not a type name…what should i do??? (i’ve underlined it)
    static PxDefaultSimulationFilterShader gDefaultFilterShader;

  2. i don’t know where the underlined item comes from?? (where is it??)
    #ifdef PX_WINDOWS
    if(!sceneDesc.gpuDispatcher && mCudaContextManager)
    sceneDesc.gpuDispatcher = mCudaContextManager->getGpuDispatcher();

  3. my project is a simple console application and i just want to see what’s happening with physx visual debugger so i tried the documentation code (PVD basic connection)…
    it works (i mean no error ?) but the pvdConnectionManager (underlined) is NULL !!! (keep in mind that i compile in debug mode and using default libs ex: PhysXVisualDebuggerSDK.lib)

if(mPhysics->getPvdConnectionManager() == NULL)

i’ll be glad if you answer these question as soon as possible,i’am really stock!!!


First of all PVD needs to be running before you try to connect to it. Second thing is this is how I overcame this filter shader thing

sceneDesc.filterShader = PxDefaultSimulationFilterShader;

and make sure you are using these libs. I had to declare them in my code with #pragma
BTW: it’s stuck not stock.