PhysX 3.4 - Can't change the starting orientation of vehicle wheels


Is there a way to change the starting attachment orientation of my vehicle wheels? In my particular case, I have a designer that wants a wheel to be attached in a non-zero orientation, but still receive the same rotation direction as the other wheels. Is there a way to achieve this? I thought maybe taking the wheelShape and using SetLocalPose would work, but as far as I can tell, the vehicle automatically attaches the wheel at a zero orientation.


I don’t fully understand the question but you do have freedom to set the rest pose of the wheel by tuning angles around the three axes of the wheel.

  1. You can set a toe angle on the wheel in PxVehicleWheelData. This is added to the steer angle applied to the wheel so at zero steer you can orient the wheel around the wheel’s up vector.

  2. You can set a camber angle on the wheel using the camber variables exposed through PxVehicleSuspensionData. This rotates the wheel around the forward vector of the wheel.

  3. Rotation around the wheel’s rolling axis can be achieved with PxVehicleWheels::setWheelRotationAngle

I’m afraid there isn’t one single function that does what you want but the functionality you need is all there.




This answers my question. I thought that maybe I needed to set the initial pose, but I guess these values act as that option instead. Thanks for the help.