Vehicle Wheels


I am currently working on a multiplayer game that includes vehicles. The client utilizes the PhysX vehicle SDK with no problem. However, for multi-player, I want to send the state of the wheel rotation speed and turn angle. I have this information using getWheelRotationAngle and speed. However, when on the remote client, I attempt to use setWheelRotationAngle/setWheelRotationSpeed to update the wheels rotation speed and turn angle, it crashes the client. I think the issue is because the physics are not enabled on the remote vehicles.

How can I simulate the suspension, wheel rotation for speed and turn angle on a remote client with the vehicle physics in a disabled mode…?

Hi, I been doing multiplayer vehicle simulation for a while in PhysX now. We solve it by hooking up a server to client. This is to make server code isolated from client code, which makes it a lot easier to launch a dedicated server if needed.

A tip would be to do all simulation “server-side” or you will get a lot of physics synchronization issues. And then send the values you need to the clients.

Use only “client-side” physics for special effects that doesn’t necessary have to be the same for all clients.

Hope this helps.