Running PhysX simulation with manual, non-PhysX simulation

I wasn’t really sure how to title this topic, but I’ll try to describe my situation.

Does anyone have any advice on running a non-physx simulation in tandem with physx simulation? Deformable tech was removed in physx 3.x and it’s not feasible for us to back-port to 2.8. We can write our own soft-body simulation, but getting it to interact with physx scene is the tricky part.

I’m thinking it might be possible to perform broadphase with various scene-queries, grab the collision geometries from appropriate physx actors, and handle the contact detection/resolution manually. Two-way interaction might work via addForce()/addTorque().

Does this sound reasonable? Any ideas?


You could try a kinematic actor in place of the externally simulated object in the PhysX scene, and monitor callbacks for overlaps or contacts with other actors.