Scene Managment With Physx

hi everybody

would you please help me with this problem

can i use physx as a scene manager? i mean … do i have to make another octree system seperated from physx…or i can use scene query to detect objects in camera sight? if yes how can i construct the view Frustum? what is the equalant shape?

also if can use physx for scene manager…this is my sturcture…
assign data to actor->User data and call render, to render each meah releated to the actor…

actor1->userData.render() (render box1)
actor2->userData.render() (render Door)
actor3->userData.render() (render table)

but problem is…what if i have an skinned mesh…for example a big leaf created from 3 bones…that must intract with other objects…also contains 3 actor that each actor is attached to each bone
and actors are joinet 2 by 2

(x)leafBase(sphere actor1)
±— Leaf Middle(sphere actor2)
±— Leaf End(sphere actor3)

now there is only one mesh releated to each actor and if i call actor->userData.render() it will render the same thing 3 times

what can i do???

thanks in advacne