Pin Control


Sorry I am a new user of the TegraK1, the following question may be stupid to someone.

I am reading the pin control chapter of TegraK1_TRM_DP06905001_public_v03p.pdf, for example:

0 = RVSD0
1 = RVSD1
2 = GMI
3 = SPI4

So, if I choose it as SPI4, which SPI pin it is? MISO ? MOSI ? CS ? CLK ?

Can anyone tell me where to find that information, is there some documents that I don’t known ?


You have to download the pinmux file (included in “” in the download section).
On that file you can for example see that the pin you’re talking about is “GPIO_PI3” and has SFIO3 “SPI4C_CS0”.
You can select the function from there and generate the corresponding DTB file without the need of filling all the function related registers ;)