Pipeline will stop when dyn remove source-bin element on Jetson-orin with deepstream6.1

When I run the: runtime_source_add_delete in the demo in the deepstream-6.1 environment, after deleting the source-bin, the pipeline will stop directly, and the entire process will also terminate. However, no similar problems have been encountered on deepstream-5.0. After deleting source-bin, the content displayed in the log is the same, but the former will cause the pipeline to terminate and the process to end;

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  • Harware Platform(Jetson-orin and GPU)
  • DeepStream Version ( 6.1 )
  • JetPack Version ( 5.0.2-b231)
  • TensorRT Version (Jetson: 8.4.0-1+cuda11.4, GPU: 8.2.5+cuda11.4)
  • NVIDIA GPU Driver (515.65.01)
  • How to reproduce the issue?
    I use a pipeline opened by python-Flask to add or remove source-bin nodes through Flask requests. The entire code project is cumbersome and not easy to provide. The specific implementation process is to first open a pipeline with only mux, pgie, converter, and fakesink, and then add the source-bin through the flask service, the pipeline can reason about the data normally, and then remove the source-bin through the flask service, and then the entire pipeline It will stop, and the main process of the colleague flask service will also stop. The core file I generated through python -m pdb program.py, through gdb debugging, I found that the program terminated in the libgstnvvideoconvert.so library。

The code for removing source-bin from the pipeline is roughly shown in the figure below. The logical correspondence is the same as the official demo. I just made some upper-level encapsulation here.This logic can run normally in the deep stream docker container 5.0 environment, but in the 6.1 environment, the pipeline will stop and the main process of the Flask service will be terminated.

There is no update from you for a period, assuming this is not an issue anymore.
Hence we are closing this topic. If need further support, please open a new one.

to reproduce this issue, could you provide simplified code based on official demo?

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