Pipeline won't exit when the input video file ends

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• DeepStream Version 7.0
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I’m using deepstream-test5-app in DeepStream 7.0. The input is a video file, and I already set file-loop=0 in the configuration file and drop-pipeline-eos=0 in Streammux group. When the process is done, the pipeline says the live source is 0, but it won’t exit and keeps showing 0.0 in Perf log. How should I make it stop and exit gracefully?


The deepstream-test5-app can be stopped by push “q” button when the xwindow is on top.

Hi Fiona,

Thank you for your response. I actually ran it in a docker container. Is there any equivalent command to use? Also, is there any way to monitor when the perf turns to 0.0 rather than simply monitor the CPU/GPU utilizaiton?


It is just a sample application and it is open source, you can add any method to terminate the app as you like.

When the FPS turns to 0.0, it means no data fluent in the pipeline, no need to monitor the CPU/GPU utilizaiton. Or you can add any monitoring code into the sample as you like.

Is it a bug that the pipeline won’t stop after the end of file?

No. It is not a bug.