Deepstream pipeline does not stop at the end of the video stream

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• Hardware Platform (Jetson / GPU) GPU 2080 Ti
• DeepStream Version 6.0.0
• JetPack Version (valid for Jetson only)
• TensorRT Version 8.2.0
• NVIDIA GPU Driver Version (valid for GPU only) 470.182
• Issue Type( questions, new requirements, bugs) questions, bugs
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I have two situation to do face detection on stream. The first one does not stop at the end of the stream while the second one does that correctly.

First Situation:
I am using this awesome repository - runtime_source_add_delete- to add or remove stream meanwhile running time. Also to utilize in specific problem face detection I change some functionality of this code (for example commenting this line:

g_timeout_add_seconds (15, add_sources, (gpointer) g_source_bin_list); .

Second Situation:
In addition to it I add brings extra functions to do face detection job. When I run it, it start correctly but it never stops at the end of the video stream.

In spite of it, when I run face detection project that utilized another functions like


It stops successfully.

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First Situation:
To running project I should send you face detection engine, tracker file and configs. Also I upload output log.

main_first_situation.cpp (44.7 KB)
Output (3.8 KB)

Second Situation:
main_second_situation.cpp (67.0 KB)

What your two situations intend to do?

If you just want to quit in main_second_situation.cpp.

Please check whether the GST_MESSAGE_EOS message has been received.

We only deal issuses related with deepstream

I solve it. It stops at the end of the stream, Also dsexample plugin has been added to pipeline.

main.cpp (42.8 KB)

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