Custom deepstream-test1 app does not end/close when stream ends like it used to

My setup

• Hardware Platform (GPU – GTX 1650 Ti)
• DeepStream Version 6.3
• TensorRT Version 8.5.3
• NVIDIA GPU Driver Version : 530.41.03
• Issue Type: Bug
• How to reproduce the issue ? : using deepstream-test1 app, please find the attached .zip file [command:make clean && make && ./deepstream-test1-app /opt/nvidia/deespstream/deepstream-6.3/samples/streams/sample_qHD.h26 ]

Hi , I’ve modified deepstream-test1 app by adding a probe that replaces (processed) frame in the main pipeline.
I’m not getting any error while doing so, but the Display or terminal does not close or end when the stream ends as it used to in plain deepstream-test app.

The one change to pieline is that I have added a probe to nvvideoconv’s sink to replace the buffer as mentioned above

Is there anything that I can do so that pipeline ends smoothy and not stop abruptly?

Please find the zip file to repoduce this issue [you will get 180 degrees rotated frame (15.5 KB)

Note: If you change stream then you need to update muxer’s width and weight to streams original dimensions

deepstream_test1_app.cpp (18.3 KB)

You can refer this file modify by me.

1.create a bgra surface to convert
2.transform raw surface to bgra surface
3.make cv::mat from bgra surface and process with opencv.

The reason for this error could be that you don’t have the correct unmap

Hi @junshengy ,
thanks for the quick reply
The pipeline is able to handle end of file but the modified frame is not pushed down the pipeline and the frame appears to be unmodified, but the frames that are being saved are inverted (or processed)