Pixel C access to CUDA

Can anyone confirm if there is any way to access the CUDA cores of the x1 on the pixel c ?


I can confirm that out of the box there is no access to CUDA on this device.

I am currently trying to figure out if there is a way to root the device and get CUDA going that way. One idea is to try and get linux installed on it and load in some of the drivers from the TX1 board project.

Would love to hear if anyone else has had any success or ideas on how to get access to CUDA on the TX1 chip. This is hands now the fastest android tablet out there but you can’t really access the power of it ;-(

Any update on this?



Please try our latest CodeWorks for Android (ubuntu 12.04) to get the CUDA toolkit. More information you can get from https://developer.nvidia.com/android-m-support-now-available-new-nvidia-codeworks-android-1r4.
Any more question, please let me know.



Are you saying that the Pixel C is now supported with CUDA access? Does this work on stock android firmware o?


Anyone has method can make Pixel C supported with CUDA access ?

Got Nvidia TV shield (2017 16Gb) and it has access to cuda and was able to run samples from CodeWorks 1R4. Keep in mind Versions: 1R5,1R6 do not have cuda middle-ware and cuda samples. Seems Nvidia did not port cuda 8.0 or so. Hope they will.

Just install 1R4, import sample to eclipse and build on TV.