Possible Driver Bug

I was working upon a game engine and encountered weird bug: the sample crashed with the access violation after a few seconds of work.
I’ve spend more work to localize the problem and came with minimal code that reproduces the crash.
I am pretty sure it’s the nvidia driver bug for the following reasons:

  1. The bug is very “tender”. If you change one of the shaders or depthStencilState switching logic, then the bug goes away. Similarly it goes away if the app is run in 32-bit mode.
  2. The bug reproduces on 3060 ti(with latest drivers), but it doesnt reproduce on Intel HD 4000.

Now, the bug details:

  1. Operating system: Windows 10 Home. Ver. 22H2. Build 19045.3448
  2. Hardware: Palit NVIDIA Geforce 3060 ti.
  3. Driver version: 537.42
  4. System information:
    NVIDIA System Information 09-29-2023 12-01-00.txt (3.5 KB)
  5. Reproducable project: GitHub - rds1983/DirectXCrash: Weird DirectX Crash
    Open it in IDE and run. In a few seconds, it’ll crash with the access violation.
    Video of how it crashes on my machine(the crash happens on 16th second):
    dxCrash.zip (499.8 KB)

Hi @eleroman and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

I can verify the crash, thank you for bringing this to our notice!

My DX knowledge is a bit rusty so I cannot immediately help you here, but I will open an internal issue for it.

I wonder if the context for the bug for you is something a bit more uncommon, because if it would be a typical render setup I would expect many more reports along these lines. For me for example your sample crashes immediately after startup, this on an RTX 3080.

Well, let’s hope the experts can tell us more.


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Thanks too!
Yeah, in most cases it crashes right on the startup for me too. Rarely it works for like 20 seconds. And even more rarely it doesnt crash at all.
It’s also worth to note that I’ve brang that issue at DirectX discord. And they agreed that it might be the graphics driver bug.