power is not stable when using Max-P Denver

hi,I got a tx2 and installed caffe on it,recently I trained a simple model on TX2 and I found a power problem.
When I switch mode to Max-P Denver(mode 4),power is unstable,jump from 6W to 9W frequently and recurrently.But the other modes are not like this.
How can I solve it?

Why is this a problem?

Can you monitor ~/tegrastats and see if the frequency of the CPU cores is fluctuating?

If this behavior is undesired, you may want to lock the CPU clocks to a particular frequency (like is done in the ~/jetson_clocks.sh script - note that doing this may result in increased overall power consumption over time, i.e. if it runs at ~9W consistently as opposed to dropping back down to ~6W).

Thanks for your reply.
It seems my problem that I forgot to lock CPU clocks.Sorry.
By the way,I run ./tegrastats it shows like this:

RAM 2640/7846MB (lfb 899x4MB) CPU [5%@345,100%@2035,0%@2035,6%@345,8%@345,6%@345] BCPU@53.5C MCPU@53.5C GPU@54C PLL@53.5C Tboard@47C Tdiode@51.75C PMIC@10 0C thermal@53.5C VDD_IN 8600/8695 VDD_CPU 1528/1470 VDD_GPU 2444/2577 VDD_SOC 1069/1107 VDD_WIFI 0/0 VDD_DDR 1884/1917

I don’t know which means GPU frequency. And is there a document that explains these parameters?


TK1 seems different.


GR3D is the value of gpu frequency. Please run it again with “sudo”.

Thanks a lot.