Power problems + immediate shutdown

Hey there,
I have the following problem with my AGX-Xavier.

When I am running my AI software with full options the AGX Shuts down after max 5 minutes.
I am running with from a external battery and supply it 19V.
What can cause the problem?

Hi, looks like the power consumption issue. What is the max output power capability of your battery? And what is the power consumption of your app (you can use tegrastat command line to show the total power consumption/CPU usage and etc…

I was running it now for a couple of times and was checking with the tegrastat and jtop and check the current.
I could not see any difference in the power consumption. It just suddenly shuts down

Can you paste the tegrastat info here? Basically, sudden shut down is caused by power or temperature.

Yes of course I when if I can find a way to save the tegrastats before the shutdown. Or is there a way to get the stats even after a shutdown? Or can I let the tegrastats write to some .txt file while it is running? To back it up before it suddenly shuts down?

I think you can use the UART serial console to dump the tegrastats.

This console will always run until the board is shutdown. So when the shutdown happens, you can scroll back the console and see what is the last tegrastats number.

Here are tegrastats. I’ve put then into a .txt. file.
Is was shutting down after about 20 minutes of running the software.
I hope the tegrastats will help to find a solution
Tegrastats_full_software.txt (307.8 KB)
I have tried it 3 times. I have the tegrastats of all three tries.
On what kind of value did you look at to understand what the problem is?

Just want to know, does the board “reboot” or “shutdown” when error happens?

These two are different.

The board does shutdown.

So you have to manually power it on again?

The difference between “sudden reboot” and “sudden shutdown” is: “reboot” is probably due to some kernel panic and it will leave some logs before it reboots automatically. However, a “shutdown” is generally caused by thermal or unstable power.

But your tegrastats shows the temperature always stay in 40~45c range. Which is unlike to cause a thermal shutdown…

Yes I have to press the Power button to boot it again.
I have tested the limits of the thermal shutdown on an other board it starts to take over at 80c but it will reboot the board automatically. So the behaviors is different due to a thermal shutdown.
But the problem I face now is that it just shuts down, don’t know why. I have measured the power which goes from the power source to the power plug. It is stable. So there is no ups and downs…

I just notice that your tegrastats result does not run under root. So some information is missing. Please run and check again.

Oh I am sorry for that,
for sure I have the results here:
tegrastats-sudden-shutdown.txt (121.6 KB)

Hi, did you try another power supply? It looks that the temperature is normal, unlike thermal issue. So it might be the power supply capability issue. Or do you have another module to do same test? That can be helpful to check if it is module issue.